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The Best IPTV Players in 2022


IPTV Player is a service or an app that plays IPTV channels on your device. You need to get a subscription from an IPTV provider to play channels, most of these providers have their own clients or apps. Management of multiple channels and apps becomes easier with an IPTV subscription because you can use one ‘sign in’ of a single IPTV player to use different apps and channels. There is no need to download different apps from various subscriptions.

Mostly IPTV players are signed in with the M3U playlist URL, EPG URL, or API logins. You will get login details on your email address or directly from the IPTV service provider. IPTV providers give complete information about the guidelines, installation, and setup procedure whereas most of the players are very easy to download and install.

There are various advantages of using IPTV players as compared to other native apps. IPTV players are user-friendly and supported on more devices as compared to other native apps. IPTV service providers do not host any channels or provide any content of their own. These are legal playback devices to use various apps and channels.

Best IPTV Players for smart TV

IPTV players can be installed on most Smart TVs. You can manually add your desired channels to your m3u list. There are various IPTV players which can be used on Smart TV.

1- Smart IPTV (SIPTV)

SIPTV is one of the most popular IPTV players. People mostly recommend it when they think of IPTV players for Smart TV. No channels are installed on the IPTV player; you need to install your desired channels manually on the M3U list.

SIPTV supports every kind of Samsung TV from the F-H-J-K-M-Q series. It is very convenient and super-fast to use. It is easy to download from the app store. You can watch your desired channels or stream live videos in HD.


SS IPTV is similar to SIPTV in which the first consideration is the user’s preference and convenience. It is free of cost and one of the best IPTV apps for Smart TVs. It is a multipurpose app that can be used for video playback through LAN or the internet. It has an extensive range of formats like ASX, XSPF, m3u, and pls. It has the option of appearance customization and parental controls. It is very easy to access and install. You can use it on a variety of smart televisions.

3- OTT Player

You can gather all your IPTV channels like a playlist on an OTT player. It is an online service that allows you to create and use your own playlist on various devices like Android, Smart TVs, iOS, Windows mobile, and LG Smart TV. The playlist can be made in various formats like m3u, ASX, XSXF, and pls. You will be able to access all the content your IPTV service provider is providing. It is convenient to use and it has parental control option.

4- VLC

The VLC media player is considered one of the best multimedia players. It is a very popular open-source app with multiple uses. The VLC media player supports IPTV. It allows the creation of audio and visual effects on the video clip, it supports almost all file formats, and you can record your desktop with a VLC player that can be played online or offline when needed. Videos downloaded from the internet or other sources can be managed on VLC.

5- GSE Smart IPTV

It is an outstanding IPTV service that is best for Smart TV to watch content online. GSE Smart IPTV owns more than 5 million installations. It has a straightforward and clean interface that is very convenient for first-time users. It supports more than 45 formats including live streaming formats. GSE smart TV is compatible with Google Chromecast. It connects automatically when there is live streaming. Subtitles in various languages are supported which can be selected from the given options. You can change the language of the channel and custom skin according to your liking.

6- Lazy IPTV

It is a very lightweight IPTV service that needs very limited space in the internal memory of the device. There are no pre-installed videos or any playlist so you need to create your own playlist. In order to use it, you need to copy the URL link of the IPTV and add it to the IPTV service. This player will automatically do the remaining things. Lazy IPTV supports various formats like HTTP/HTTPS, m3u files, and YouTube links. It has parental control options and it also stores the browsing history.

7- Perfect Player IPTV

It is an extraordinary player with a large set of features. You can watch IPTV content, and stream local videos from the internet or internal files. It supports a variety of formats like xmltv, jpg, m3u, xspf and jtv. It is very easy to download for free with a very easy initial setup. It also supports an HTTP proxy server and you can play it easily on your smart TV. Perfect Player IPTV offers lag-free high-quality streaming.

The best IPTV Player for Windows/macOS

There are different IPTV players which can be used on Windows and macOS. You can use them on various devices conveniently.

1- IPTV Smarters Pro

This amazing IPTV is the first one on the list because it is very convenient to use. It allows users to stream unlimited content online like live videos, different types of entertainment, TV programs, and much more. It is a free app and there is no need to install extra software. This app can be used only on Android and PC.

You can add multiple channels in different formats including m3u. Different profiles can be created for different people to watch individually in their areas. Users can customize their features and desired content they want to watch. IPTV smarters Pro for PC has an impressive layout, and attractive interface and it is convenient to use. It offers parental control and supports embedded subtitles.

This powerful IPTV player supports EPG and integrates external players. It is only available for android, in order to use this app on PC, you need to install an emulator from the official website of BlueStacks.

2- Lazy IPTV

You can watch anything whenever you want by using this android application. It is very easy to install an android app that allows users to watch live shows, stream television programs, and many other entertainment channels. You can download files in m3u format, and watch in HTTP, UDP streams, YouTube, and other media sites. It has a very simple interface that enables easy and manageable navigation and browsing. You can easily create a channel list in Lazy IPTV and customize the main screen according to your choice. It gives many UDP proxies to select content directly from the list and stores history so you can access what has been watched before. You can download it on a PC by using emulators.

3- Perfect Player IPTV

This app allows you to easily turn your PC or android screen into a TV screen. You can easily stream TV through a perfect player IPTV on your computer screen. It exclusively offers android users the to stream television on their android smartphone screen in various formats. You can easily create your own playlist, save it in the app and transfer the saved content easily. If you use different decoder settings, then you can make a detailed version of your playlist.

There is a windows version of Perfect player IPTV that can be downloaded easily from the PC website. It is considered one of the popular apps because of the great OSDs, and better viewing with lesser user actions. It supports video plugins, xmltv, jtv, EPG, USB and SD card formats. You can manage channels as groups, rename them or even hide them. Playlists are very well kept that never get lost after updates.

4- GSE Smart IPTV for windows

It is the most advanced IPTV application that allows you to stream live shows and TV programs on various different devices. It allows live and saved content in different formats which means you can watch locally saved files and stream live television shows using different devices. The developer does not broadcast content on the GSE Smart IPTV application whereas you can stream free internet in the app via networks or ID addresses. Downloading and installation process is very easy and it is compatible with a number of devices.

Users can watch content without interruption because the app supports Chromecast. You can add subtitles in different languages if you do not understand a particular language on a video. It also allows you to select your desired languages from 31 options. Different subtitle formats are supported by GSE Smart IPTV such as SSA, DVB Teletext, ASS, DVD Subtitles, and other formats.

You do not need to worry about the content your kids are watching by setting parental controls. To use this app on PC, you need to download an android emulator like BlueStacks. This is a very easy-to-install app that works perfectly with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Mac OSX. If you are using any other operating system, then check compatibility details of the app.

The best IPTV player for smartphones android/iPhone

Many people prefer having their television on the phone to watch comfortably while traveling, relaxing, or taking a break from work. Various IPTV players are available for android smartphones and iPhones like OTT players, IPTV smarters, Wiseplay etc.

1- OTT Player

OTT player is a handy streaming application that works with almost every device, including android smartphones and iPhones. You can easily gather all IPTV content in one place, and manage or delete channels. It also allows to update playlists, upload content, adjust channel orders and modify playlists. OTT player supports most of the formats like RTPS, RTMP, HLS, M3U, and many other streaming formats. It is easy to synchronize with other devices. Channel icons are customizable and it does not contain ads. You can easily manage your playlists on the OTT player and can use it on any of the android or iOS devices.

2- IPTV Strike

IPTV strike is athletes’ and sports lovers’ favorite app because it streams an array of live sports in high definition. It is the best IPTV player for android and iOS. You can watch a huge range of television and movie channels with it. App offers frequent updates to improve video quality and extends streaming servers for lag-free streaming. It supports MAG, Dreamlink T1, Avov, Android WebTV, and Kodi in SD and HD qualities. It is a very stable service provider with 24/7 live chat and customer support. It is liked by users because of its high-quality service and flawless streaming of sports.

3- IPTV Smarters

You can watch series, VOD, and live TV on your android devices with the IPTV smarter player. It has a robust built-in player and easy-to-use interface with a very easy download and installation process. You do not need any third-party player for different formats. You can even run it with an internet connection of 5mbps. It is the best free IPTV player for android with a built-in player. It supports Xtreme codes, allows language switching, and includes embedded subtitles. You can use parental controls in the app to limit usage for kids.

4- rIPTV

rIPTV has an electronic program guide or EPG that allows users to import their own IPTV playlists into android or iOS devices. They can keep reminders of their favorite channels, choose content from various options and keep pace with new content. Every video is streamed in high quality. It includes IMDB integration and can be played on tvOS. The user-friendly interface allows you easy navigation and streaming.

5- GSE Smart IPTV Pro

It is one of the best IPTV player apps for android that comes with a GSE player-manager and lets you manage and play your list on android and iOS. It is an advanced solution with the latest features that supports a variety of formats. It also allows the users to access different streaming services such as JSON and M3U. You can easily install and use GSE smart IPTV Pro on your smartphone. You can watch content in different languages. It supports Xtream codes, Chromecast API, and numerous streaming formats. It automatically plays live streaming, VOD, and live playlists.

6- Wiseplay

Wiseplay allows users to cast content from their television or smartphones by using Chromecast. It is a free player that plays lists in different multitudes and formats. This multi-platform player does not include any ads. Videos can be played in 3D or virtual reality format, m3u, w3u formats or loaded from files or QR codes. It plays an extensive range of formats in HD. You can easily play your favorite channels on your smartphone.

7- Simple IPTV Player

Simple IPTV Player supports not only android TV but remote control as well. It is compatible with many formats like m3u, m3u8, PLS, and WPL playlists. It is very easy to install and operate an application that supports Chromecast as well. Simple IPTV Player includes EPS or Electronic programming guide. You can easily browse the history of recently accessed playlists and channels that can be cleared anytime. This app automatically updates playlists and it has an internal and external player.

8- IPTV Player

IPTV Player is best for android which allows its users to cast videos, and watch movies and shows. It has a list of local videos, you can stream URLs and authorize the app. IPTV Player supports PIP or picture in picture. It plays the content in several formats including MP4, WEBM, MKV, M3U8, and MPD. It also supports XMLTV, Android TV, M3U playlist, and Chromecast. This is the best player to stream without lagging. You can easily download and install the player on your device.

9- Kodi

Kodi is a wonderful IPTV application for smartphones. It offers 4K live streaming and incredible sound quality to its users. You can watch entire content in high quality by installing a few add-ons and plugins. There is a variety of easy-to-download add-ons. App provides amazing sound and video quality with a user-friendly interface. It supports OGG, AAC, and MP3 files. Kodi is one of the best apps for users who want extraordinary sound quality.

10- IP Television Player

IP television player or IPTV is compatible with both iOS and Android. It will bring VOD and high-quality streaming to your device. IPTV allows a variety of movies, shows, and content in a number of formats that can be watched offline. It supports m3u8 and it has an EPG and IMDB guide. A wide variety of channels are available and the player also allows on-demand streaming. IPTV is continuously updated to provide high-quality content. There is a variety of IPTV players for different devices. You can select one of the most suitable according to your desire such as quality, sound, and content. IPTV players mentioned above are excellent for different devices and operating systems.

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