LaLiga Reports Over 80 IPTV Apps Illegal

LaLiga Reports Over 80 IPTV Apps Illegal


LaLiga is cracking down on “pirate” IPTV apps, services, and streaming websites, Just a month ago, the Premier League submitted a pirate watch list to the European Commission.

Laliga and IPTV Players Apps

In accordance with media reports, LaLiga, the Spanish football league, has filed a document to the European Commission declaring free IPTV applications to be “illegal” and listing specific websites and services that they want to pursue.

Participation in the European Commission’s public consultation on the Counterfeiting and Piracy Watch List, which is used to push governments in countries where intellectual property rights are most frequently infringed, has been welcomed by the National Professional Football League.

IPTV player apps for mobile devices are its primary enemy right now. Many people use these apps, which LaLiga describes as illegal, “to duplicate copyrighted audiovisual content in an unauthorized way,” and now pose one of the most significant dangers to the whole audiovisual sector worldwide.

For many years, the main American football (soccer) league has been looking into piracy in the broadcasting of live games.

LaLiga looks to be targeting IPTV players, which do not store any material on their own and instead rely on an external M3U playlist to import video from a server.

LaLiga presented an app comparison table in their application to the European Commission.

85 IPTV APPS ARE “ILLEGAL” according to LaLiga

Who are these “illegal” IPTV apps, according to LaLiga?

LaLiga report lists a total of 85 apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. LaLiga Tech is currently monitoring and investigating these apps, which have been downloaded more than 50 million times.

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